We are a Gaggle of Goodies!

Pur | The Company is so many things these days! As the leader of this crazy journey… I thought it might be best to chat about what we are , who we are and what we do!

Pur | The Company is owned by Pur Publicity, LLC. This is the media relations and publicity arm of Pur | The Company. Pur Dance Fitness has now evolved into Pur | The Company and is all things relating to live entertainment and Indianapolis’ only Nuvo-Burlesque company. Pur Couture, our newest addition, is the embellished lingerie line for Pur | The Company… and so it goes, you know all things Pur at this point! God help me if I add something else!

Our other latest venture has us partnering with TJF Photography. Pur and TJF collaborate to bring beautiful boudoir style photography to Indianapolis and beyond! We do single photography sessions for special occasions or, just because. And we also have party packages for bachelorette, bridal, birthday or Girls Nights out! Check out our links to learn more about these parties and how to book them! Shhhhh…. we have a big announcement upcoming about this partnership in March!

Pur | The Company was founded by me, Jenee’ Michelle. I’m a west coast transplant who is very happy to be planted in the heart of America in Indianapolis, IN! I never thought I could bring such a flirty, sexy, sassy edge to my business, but here I am…. brushing the dust off my former showgirl dance days and injecting some seriously passionate love into everything I do!

My partner in all things Pur is Todd Foreman. Todd is a native Hoosier who has a special talent for engineering anything I ask him to do and now…. stepping into the lovely world of Boudoir photography. He also happens to be my significant other and I told him from the very beginning of our story that he was stuck with me. Todd is the owner and founder of TJF Photography and look for links to his amazing work on our site.

I have three other Pur Counterparts, Courtney Gunter, Erin Lamb and Marcy Kerr. These are Pur’s Principle dancers and I must say some of the best friends a lady could ask for! They work their tails off for the purpose of Pur… sometimes for little in return, but they are fabulous performers and more importantly gorgeous souls! My soon to be Pur Couture assistant Courtney Parker is also one of my go-to girls and one of the greatest gifts a girl could ask for in a friend! I have a slew of other faithful ladies who participate with Pur on a weekly basis and I couldn’t do this without them…. Laura (our Pur resident songstress) Hannah, Carrie, Kristin, Amy, Ana, Regina, Crystal, Tonya… and some new ladies whom I hope to hook in as regulars very soon!

Thank you for stopping by to learn more about Pur | The Company…. and check back regularly for updates on Boudoir Photography, Events, Performances, Classes, Workshops, New Lingerie lines…. and MORE!





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