More Than Burlesque

Pur | The Company has come to be a lot of things these past months. We are still finding our place in this crazy little entertainment world… and we are just getting started!

The excitement among the girls is intoxicating…. the projects seem to pop up everyday…. and I’m still wondering (as Pur’s fearless and crazy leader) maybe we really are doing something special here! ;0) We invite you to learn more about Pur and browse our site. We aren’t sure how you got here… but leave a comment and let us know…. Hey, some one in France recently did! It can happen!

We are not famous, shoot we aren’t even infamous, but what we are is passionate about performing… and turning the art of burlesque on it’s traditional ear! No… we don’t do a lot of vaudevillian comedy (ain’t our shtick!) and we don’t do as many solo acts as other groups around the country…. (we like to dance together) and we don’t parade in pasties (we are bashful) LOL What we do is some of the sexiest “dancing” that you won’t need a Vegas flight to see! No, we aren’t putting on Vegas productions every weekend, but I’d argue that we have girls who could “perform” circles around those girls! (I should know, I’ve been there, done that, got the fishnets!)

Pur | The Company brings you unique entertainment in the form of burlesque, lingerie couture, live singers (who could seriously knock you off your chair) burlesque parties, photography experiences, and even “girls” parties for the younger crowd!

We are about to begin a new adventure with LIVE performances that may take us on the road in the near future. Shhhhh…… The buzz has begun… YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!

Thank you for following Pur | The Company! We LOVE what we do!


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