The Pur Boudoir Experience!

Time and time again, a lovely woman will ask me…

“What is boudoir photography?”

There is neither a short nor simple answer for this question, because the concept of boudoir is taking the country by storm… and it seems everyone has their own spin on what boudoir “looks” like. I won’t pretend to be an expert here, because boudoir photography is something that is as new for me as it might be for you. But what I am very good at is knowing what “sexy” is…. and what it is not! I’ve spent so many years in front of camera from catalog shoots to commercials, feature films to fashion editorial magazine shoots. My mother was a makeup artist, hair stylist, seamstress and nail tech…. my father was a videographer, director, editor, producer, TV station owner and location scout… (talk about big shoes!) I come by this knowledge honestly! At Pur Boudoir, we have come to realize that that experience has become far more important then any picture snapping. This isn’t to suggest that awesome photography equipment and an artful photographer isn’t worth it’s weight in GOLD…. but the partnership that Pur has created with TJF Photography is like no other combination… anywhere!

If you are considering a Pur Boudoir shoot…. then I am here to explain exactly what this experience is about!

What is sexy to you? That’s what I want to know first…. is it a Victoria’s Secret Catalog, is it Natalie Portman’s editorial in Maxim? Sexy is like beauty…. it’s in the eye of the beholder. When I get a good grasp on what you feel is sexy, then we can set the stage for your Pur Boudoir shoot.

You will pick a Boudoir package… ranging from basic packages ($150) to the full blown supermodel experience! ($799) The supermodel experience is fabulous because you and I go shopping together for your boudoir wardrobe…. we will have a ladies lunch to talk about your shoot, you will get full hair and makeup makeover, wardrobe styling and borrowing… I’ll give you goodies… and you’ll get our most amazing boudoir photo package with dozens of photographs in a leather bound album!

But wait…. you’re shy.

I always smile when I hear a woman tell me this, because I promise, you might walk into your session with Pur Boudoir feeling shy, but you will walk out with a new found confidence! We know you’re shy, we know it isn’t easy getting photographed in your flirty and maybe “revealing” lingerie. We promise, we are looking at composition, body placement and lighting and less on your imperfections! (shoot we have them too!)

Yes! our go-to photographer is a man. (he also happens to be the love of my life) but we are a team… and our shoots are done together (a fab excuse to hang out together while we work!) We know, a good selling point for many female boudoir photographers is that they are indeed “females”…. but ladies… remember, females can be just as intimidating (if not more so) than a man when it comes to physiques! So relax, we are here to make this experience a gorgeous one!

During your shoot, I will be helping you with wardrobe and accessories…. you can bring your items and rummage in my lingerie truck for add on pieces if you wish! (PS I love and own all things that sparkle!) I will be showing you examples of how to pose (we would never throw you on a set and say “ready set go” now be sexy!) I will literally show you poses… place everything from hair to hands if need be… position your body, give you facial expressions to copy (if you desire) and walk you through your shoot start to finish!

One of my favorite parts of a Pur Boudoir shoot is after it’s over! “Huh?” you say….. Yes, it’s my favorite part of the experience because I see something different in every woman who walks out of our shoots! They are “on top of the world!”  Something happens…. a shift, a small adjustment… maybe a new found acceptance who and what they are. It’s about the most fabulous transformation anyone could witness… and I get to see it everyday! Yes, I LOVE my job!

So… be shy, we don’t mind. Be apprehensive…. because when you book a Pur Boudoir shoot, those little insecurities will magically disappear by the time we are done with you!




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