The Gift of Pur

We are right there with you….. It’s November, which means we have officially started the holiday season, which also means…. panic will soon follow. If you are anything like us here at Pur | The Company, you are pretty tired of staggering around stores trying to find gifts that are going to knock socks off, and we beg you…. please do not buy socks under any circumstances!

A recent study done at Boston University this past year showed that American’s are slow on the uptake in gifting items that make ‘real’ impact. Translation….. we keep buying “stuff” to fill voids when we could be making real impact by purchasing “experiences.” The upside of buying adventure  based gifts is that the experience lasts far longer than material items (which we apparently bore quickly of according to the study) and is scientifically proven to make us more happy. Alright…. I’m sold…. win win.

Pur | The Company is taking the Parisian lead in gift giving this year and is debuting some amazing options for those of you who are vowing off material items and looking to really “score”…. this holiday season. (No pun intended, but by all means, take that as literal as you’d like!)

In fact…. every one of our gift options, or Pur Gift Bag(s) are all “experienced” based…. which is something Macy’s, Target and even Louis Vuitton cannot claim! (oh yeah…. I just put Target and Louis in the same category, gasp!)

Ladies…. shop for your friends and family (or yourself) and then if your think your significant other could use some help….poke around and make your Pur Wish List…. email it to us @… and include your list and “HIS” email…. and we will send him your Pur Wish List.

Guys…. if you would like to make a purchase for your someone special with our help…. we invite you to browse (because these are the gifts that really give back 😉 ) and if you don’t know what she would like…. we invite you to send us her email address and we will send her a Pur Wish List to fill out for you! (we really are trying to make this as painless as possible for you.)


(click the glitter)

Gifts from $25 – to $1600

Pur Workshops – $25.00 (she can choose from various workshops each month)

Pur Private Burlesque Lesson – $45.00 (or 4 for $145.00)

Pur Makeup Tutorial – $50.00 (she can pick the look she wants to learn)

Pur Couture Bra – $75 (she can design her own million dollar bra)

Pur Photo Studio – $100.00 (choose from monthly theme shoots)

Pur Boudoir Photoshoot – $250.00 (can be done at home or at a public yet private setting)

Pur Supermodel Experience – $100- $1600 (depending on location) to choose her experience

Give her a full “experience” with one of our Pur Gift Bags

* Gift Her Pur Beauty – She designs a signature Pur Couture Bra, Receives a Makeup Tutorial, A private 45 min. dance lesson. $135.00

* Gift Her Pur Sexy – A Pur Workshop, a Pur Theme Photoshoot (eyes /lips makeover included) and a Pur Couture item. $150.00

* Gift Her Pur Glamour – Hair and Makeup and an Editorial or Boudoir Photoshoot (5 digital artist edit images) $275.00

Don’t know what she wants? We can help you with that!

Send her here (to our website/this page) and ask her to make a list….. and we’ll help you.

Know what you want and he needs a hint…. Send us your Pur Wish List and and his email…. and we will do the rest!

*we accept PayPal and Credit Card transactions. Emails us at purthecompany@gmail(dot)com to get your gifts!



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