Pur | The Company is headed downtown this Valentine’s Day to celebrate the opening of the RAW INDY artist showcase for 2013! The organization is expecting over five-hundred attendees which doesn’t include any walk ups, so as you can imagine…. we are beyond thrilled to be a part of this!

Pur | The Company is a combination entertainment company…. we bridge together the stylings of Las Vegas small stage shows, the theatrics of Broadway, the comedy of burlesque all wrapped up on a modern day Pussycat Doll like experience. Our audiences are what inspire, motivate and  thrill us, so much of our credit goes to you, our fans! You won’t ever see a Pur show that is put on for the performers…. we do this for you!

If you are new to our company…. please be sure to read some of our most recent news! We were recently featured in the Indianapolis Star and in Nuvo…. we are gearing up to take over the entire Kiss Kiss Cabaret in April (we are beyond excited about this) and are now offering two shows per month at our home location of Bu Da Lounge in downtown Indianapolis. When choosing a home for our show, we partnered with Bu Da because we thrive on the sophisticated atmosphere, the fine dining experience and the service. It is an amazing partnership and we are so pleased we can call Bu Da The home of Pur | The Company!

If you are interested in learning with us…. please browse through our site, we offer regular classes each week and workshops every month! We also offer the Pur | Experience…. which takes place for 2 lucky ladies each month who are looking to take the stage with Pur | The Company and perform!

If you are interested in our partnership with TJF Photography and want to book a boudoir or editorial style shoot… or maybe take part in our theme photoshoots we host each month…. then feel free to contact us and ask all your questions!

We offer GNO, Bachelorette, Bachelor, wedding shower and “just because” parties and entertainment… so if you have a fun occasion or your just looking for an excuse to hang out with your friends…. let us help!

Don’t forget about our Pur Couture embellished lingerie line….. we also do custom couture lines for you if you would like to work with our design team…. especially for that special day, a birthday…. Valentines Day… anniversary… and more!

We hope to see you at a new show soon!



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