Behind the Pur Black Curtain

What is Pur? This is a question that I ask myself daily….. sometimes I ask myself this question every hour! Pur | The Company is always in creative mode. We are talented mix of women (and gents) who are in a constant state of creation and art, and we love every minute of it!

What many of our fans don’t know is that we are some of the hardest working entertainers in Indianapolis. We have altered the standard “burlesque” style into something that audiences of all walks of life can appreciate. It’s more cabaret, mixed together with a Las Vegas flare and held together with some Pussycat Doll influence. We don’t perform for ourselves….. (if so I might always be in a constant state of living out scenes form the movie Nine) we perform for our audiences and that means we always offer something different and unique at our shows. In fact, it’s not unusual (and actually, typical) to see en entirely different show when you join us for the evening. 


Why do we do this and how?….. We are entertainers….. we have been bitten by this bug (repetitively) our entire lives. Many of us have been trained at some of the most outstanding universities and some of us have had professional careers that we are revisiting through this company. We are business owners, mothers, full-time job goers, fitness professionals, instructors, theater directors and full-time students! In fact one of my ladies flies here regularly from Florida to perform with us… talk about commitment! We manage to gather through extraordinarily busy schedules… (I mean we are talking 6-7 women weekly) somehow or another and sometimes that means I work with my talented cast one by one (over 5 hours a day) if that’s the only time we have to work… sprinkled together with group rehearsals whenever possible. It’s not unusual for all of us to be in rehearsal up to six or 7 hours per week. This obviously doesn’t count the numerous hours each of us put in at home on our own time!

We are consistently pushing ourselves…. Personally, that means taking the microphone back in hand to sing some theatrical pieces (I am no Christina Aguilara or Etta James) but I adore using my voice to flirt with our audiences. Some of our girls are tackling things they did when they taking class as youngsters…. some of us are using that hard earned Butler University acting degree and putting it to work in our dances….. some of us are tackling new styles like “salsa-lesque” and sharing it in workshops for all to consume….. what this ALWAYS means is that we are putting our art out there and it’s always a vulnerable place. What amazes me everyday about my amazing cast is that they put their art in front of you as fearless performers who are confident about their work…. gracious about their kudos and professional with their daily demeanor. 

The costuming is my department…. I don’t require these ladies to purchase their costumes unless it’s something outside of my budgetary reach. I create, style and design each costume by hand and when you do this for an entire cast of gorgeous women (and the occasional gent)…. it’s a stressful task! Dress rehearsal night is always a brain crunch for me because I create, design and make these costumes…. pull them for fittings…. we practice in them…. and then I load them up and take them to our venues.

Show nights are easy….. for the audience, but behind the Pur Black Curtain it is an organized and chaotic symphony of 1-to-2 minute costumes changes…. prop placements…. audience interactive ad-libing… mic coordination, ticket sales for various prizes… VIP Lounge performances and more. To boot, we don’t use an emcee at our shows, so the music comes on whether we made our costume changes or not!

This is really just the tip of the boa box….. Don’t even get me started on the amount of choreography that I have to come up with on a weekly basis…. because it’s ridiculous and by far harder than any Vegas gig I’ve ever tackled!….There are music selections, working with our guest-stars each month…. creating the show lineups to ensure everyone can make there ques, creating the rundowns and the list really does go on and on. I have been charged with turning this into a business (where many artists perform for the art or the hobby of it all, which is amazing too) but the amount of coordination, learning and skill that I require from these performers at each and every show is hard damn work!…. They get paid for that work because their art is valuable and I don’t believe that skilled artist should work for free.   

Behind the Pur Black Curtain …. we sweat, cry and sometimes bleed to perform for you and we wouldn’t change it for the world! So come be “a part” of our shows…. because that is what makes our shows so very unique and unlike anything else in Indianapolis. A ticket to our show is not a just table you sit at and applaud from all night….. you will almost always be visited during a performance by one of our cast members who will put you in the hot seat… and give you something amazing to talk about Monday morning at the water cooler. 

Join us for our next show…. February 23rd, 2013 Love and Las Vegas at Bu Da Lounge in downtown Indianapolis. (9-11pm) Real Scene TV will be there to capture the show so dress to impress!

Starting in March ….. Pur | The Company can be seen at Bu Da Lounge every Second and Last Saturday of each month! (these are exciting times!) and we thank you all for the continued support!Image






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    Did you create this web site yourself? Please reply back as I’m hoping to
    create my own personal blog and would like to find out where
    you got this from or just what the theme is called. Thanks!

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