Cabaret or Burlesque

I was explaining to a fellow performing artist not long ago that while we dabble in all things sexy here at Pur, be that burlesque, cabaret, vixen-esque music video va-va-voom…. there is no real “classification” for Pur | The Company and our style. We typically get put in the burlesque category since there is no real “word” that describes what we do. Burlesque (the sexy sassy side) seems to the public, and media, the best way to label us. In fact, in recent media coverage we went as far to say we are more “cabaret” (even though you wont always see “Broadway” theatrics at our shows) than classic burlesque.

So what is “Burlesque?” ….. WIKI… help us out with your spin:

“Burlesque is a literary, dramatic or musical work intended to cause laughter by caricaturing the manner or spirit of serious works, or by ludicrous treatment of their subjects. The word derives from the Italian burlesco, which itself derives from the Italian burla – a joke, ridicule or mockery.”

So, yes…. Pur | The Company does this…. we poke fun at things, we poke fun at ourselves and we poke fun at you at times…. and we all have a good little laugh. I learned this style while working with Juliet Prowse and Rip Taylor in SugarBabies when I was a mere 18-years-old. … and LOVED every minute of it!

So this is how it “started”… and In Victorian times (in the 1830’s-90’s) the mockery pushed forward but companies started making their performances more risque’…. and then as American’s tend to do, (somewhere around the 1850-60’s) we smacked it around, ripped it a part and threw some of our own glittery polish on it and made it stripe-tease.

Does Pur | The Company do classic burlesque stripe-tease. NOPE! (well) (giggle) Sure we know how to shimmy a few articles of clothing off…. and we know how to tease our audiences with the flick of a glove, but we also know what “our” audiences want to see, and maybe what they would like to remain a mystery. Why don’t we do the pastie style burlesque? In the simplest of answers, it’s just not our thing. (this coming from a former topless Vegas showgirl mind you!) We admire what classic burlesque artists do in keeping with the classic stripe-tease style, but we know “our” audiences…. and I don’t know, boobs are just that big of deal to us. LOL  We simply keep the focus on the story we are trying to tell and we are constantly coming up with a new ending to each routine every time.

So what is “cabaret” ….. WIKI, your take?

“Cabaret is a form of entertainment featuring music, comedy, song, dance, recitation or drama. It is mainly distinguished by the performance venue (also called a cabaret), such as in a restaurant, pub or nightclub with a stage for performances. The audience usually sits at tables, often dining or drinking. Performances are usually introduced by an emcee. The entertainment is often (but not always) oriented towards adult audiences.”

Does Pur | The Company do cabaret? Sure…. unless you ask a mainstream thespian. But yes, we use song, dance and theatrics to create our shows and audiences typically sit at tables where they can drink, eat and be merry. Is our entertainment “adult” in nature…. at our main shows (Bu Da Lounge and Mediterra) yes. We cater to a 21+ crowd due to content and venue. However, we also do shows that are considered family friendly…. at corporate events, private parties and family style venues. So we are versatile and multi-talented.

Are you any less confused by the descriptions now that you know them? Probably not, because it’s all art… and art is “subjective.” Purists of burlesque, such as Dita Von Tease often criticize groups like ours because they feel we are making this sexy style of dance too commercialized… and that’s okay. We make no apologies for what we do, how hard we work and how much effort we put in to make our shows what they are…. and if purists want to discount that, we are okay with their critiques. This isn’t our hobby…. this is our livelihood, and we treat it as such. When you pay for ticket to our show, we take that seriously…. we take your hard-earned money to heart and are hell-bent on giving you a good-ass show!

So… come to the Cabaret-burlesque inspired-sexy vixen- over the top costumed – funny ass show already!


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