I’m sitting here still…. shaking a little…. tearing up a little and still a little in disbelief. Today is aImage landmark moment for Pur | The Company… and if I’m going to be honest, a landmark moment for me.

Today… our Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded… and I didn’t know if we would get there, but in many ways it didn’t matter. Why? Because this company has always been built on love and talent….. and never money. What I didn’t know or ever expect…. was how “needed” this company was going to be. I know…. I mean we are just a bunch of women, who used to dance, or are new to dance who wear tiny costumes and put on little shows right? I mean how important could that possibly be?

Well, I can answer that.

Every member who has come into this company has always grown…. in one way or another. I think some of them have grown in ways they never thought they could, nor ways they thought they ever needed to. This company has never been about me…. well, wait that’s a lie. When I first entertained the idea it was, I was a dancer… and I needed a place where I could really DANCE. But, after five minutes of that…. my first thought was…. who will want to come on this journey with me? Luckily…. two of my students jumped in, even though those around them weren’t that supportive, they still did so because they too needed to dance.

I have watched people come into this company and do really remarkable things….. They have helped each other up (sometimes literally) They have made life altering decisions…. they have overcome tragedy and they have all accomplished something amazing! What blows my mind too (because I was always told growing up that women just can’t get along… or they make bad friends) …. there has never been a SPAT…. never been a clashing of ways…… there has never been a nasty word among us. There is not been a bad apple in this bushel. These are just genuine women with authentic goals who have a sense of adventure and who really just “believe.” They have each become some of the best friends a girl can have. They have all shown me that what I learned as a youngster was a bunch of crap…. and that woman can lift woman successfully and without conflict, without insecurity and without drama.

Today, one of our own, Regina…. picked up the rest of the tab for what we needed to go on tour. Her story is very personal so I cannot share with all of you, but what I can share is that if she can overcome, we can all overcome! Thank you Regina… your are a true Pur | Hero! xx

So….. for those of you who backed our campaign… we cannot thank you enough. It’s not the money we are proud of (because money just makes things possible) it’s the heart, the spirit, the belief…. that we all need to realize a dream or great adventure…. and all of you have made that possible! I see those names on my “backer” report…. knowing that many of you don’t have the money to back, but you freaking did it anyway… and the very thought brings a slew of tears to my eyes.

On a personal note….. As much as my girls tell me how much this company has changed their lives, I can honestly admit, that this company has SAVED MY LIFE. I never, in a million years, could ever imagine I would create something that would become so important to so many people. I never thought I could ever be a creative entrepreneur and build a company that would be able to give woman back their feet… give them back pieces of themselves they thought they lost… or even more so…. pieces that they never knew they had. This journey, so far, has been the best adventure I’ve ever been on (even with its sever ups and downs) and I can’t wait to share it with more people, teach others what we do and encourage them to share it with their circles.

I want to also take a moment and thank each of you, plaster you name on our lovely website for the world to see and to forever be a part of the Pur Story…. you have made this happen… and without you…. this adventure would have never come to be.


Regina Cuellar-Lee – Lonna Heshelman – Laura Breece – Debbie Oberley – Dawn Gilbert – Courtney McGill – Jenn Kincaid –  Sarah & Aric Harvig – Brandi Bond – Janna Smith – Michelle Buchanan – Christina Miller – Toni Moore – Kevin Swartz – Alyssa Rudner – Lisa Hofmann – Melissa Echo Greenlee – Marcy Kerr – James Parker – George Reed – Pam Davis Voltin – Genevieve Johnson – Malcom Knox – Constance Vinson – John Gilmore – Motus Dance Theatre – Burt Bossi – Chris o Biddle – Ben Johnson – Jodi Stockton – Megan Glen – Tish White – Melissa Morris – Tracy Fimple – Maureen Sullivan – Paula Burbeco – Jackie Bull – Amy Beaupre – Diana Miller – Gillian Lynn – Adam Ware – Cindy Mi Park – Lijie Song – Lindsay Watson – Lola LaVasious – Nikkia Mae – Danial Miller – Susan Pruitt.

Again… many thanks….

Let the Show Begin!


One Reply to “THE SHOW WILL GO ON – THANK YOU!!!!”

  1. I am so blessed to be able to support such a great company that is all about inspiring and empowering women and making them feel beautiful in their own skin. Thanks so much for starting this wonderful company! 🙂 Love all of the girls.

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