Beauty For Sale

Beauty for Sale….. Beauty for Sale….. Red Hot Beauty for Sale!

As this company continues to redefine beauty…. I (Jenee’ here) began thinking….. if I am going to guide anyone on anything beauty related I must be very clear about where my own sense of beauty comes from. Where have I learned about beauty, who I rely on to tell me what beauty is how it effects my everyday life?

beauty for sale sign

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…. right? Well, sure….. that would be an awesome concept of anyone actually freaking believed it. We claim we believe this…. we say that out loud….we see ad campaigns that claim this…. and yet, everyone of us has (at some point) has to be convinced by some external factor that we are worthy of being called beautiful. Even when we are directly told this, we don’t believe it…  We (humans in general) are so preoccupied with the image and of idea beauty… that we have given the concept away to just about every big brand we can throw money at! We have single-handedly thrown money at these companies to tell us how inadequate we are…. how easy it can be to get “their” idea of beauty…. with them knowing full well that we will never be that image….. and we pay them to do this to us!


I recall the days when I allowed Victoria’s Secret to tell me what beauty was…. or the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue to help me define this concept. I recall buying workouts done by supermodels, buying mascara with big claims and buying beauty jams and jellys that told me I would be beautiful if I used their shit…. and at the end of the day…. not one of these damn concepts, brands or tactics EVER made me feel fucking beautiful! NOT ONE!  I have watched (women mostly) become defeated by beauty…. I have seen beauty destroy bodies….. I have heard stories of how beauty has completely changed peoples core value systems and I have watched beauty take away peoples souls. THEIR SOULS!

As Pur | The Company has evolved…. I have come to see beauty so very differently.

Myself and this company will always choose to make you feel beautiful. We don’t sacrifice our personal values to be beautiful. We don’t make fun of ourselves because we don’t fit the commercial standard of beauty…. we don’t discount our beauty so we don’t have to feel shame when someone else does. We simply see our own beauty…. grow our own beauty….. and share our beauty with those around us. Pur focuses on this in just about every aspect of the company. In Photoshoots we show women that the beauty has always been there….. in workshops we guide women where the beauty is within…. on stage…. we show women how beautiful accomplishment is…. etc. etc. etc….

I have been personally accused of “hiring only pretty skinny girls.” I have also been accused that myself and my girls are “not pretty enough” to be doing what we are doing…..and it all makes me laugh. In both cases, the person on the other side is always using the commercial yard stick to measure beauty. They have SOLD OUT to companies, advertising campaigns, magazines, media and allowed society to define beauty for them…… and I could think of nothing more sad. It’s sad because they will never feel beautiful…. They could look like a stereotypical supermodel and these people will always feel inadequate and never beautiful.

So what is beauty to me? I make things beautiful. When I make things beautiful….. I become beautiful. My beauty has nothing to do with anyone but me….. my beauty is no longer defined by anyone but myself and my beauty cannot be distinguished by anyone but myself. My beauty is mine…. it is my personal journey and completely dependent on me. My beauty is a direct reflection of what I am inside but even more…. my beauty is made clear by how I treat those around me and how I allow others to treat me.

Personally,  the thing I recognize about my own beauty is that I believe I am more beautiful when I help others find their own personal beauty. THIS piece of the beauty puzzle has been life altering for me. Meaning, I wouldn’t feel as beautiful as I do today if I didn’t help those around me find or see their own personal beauty. I need this piece in my life to feel beautiful and survive my daily life…. like my lungs need air.







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