A NOTE FROM OUR LEADER (well her latest status update)

Let’s get something very clear here…..

I do not do the work I do because it has a pretty package of glitter and rhinestones…. and is wrapped up a sexy little box…..

I do the work I do because I have never (in my lifetime) have ever seen a movement (especially one that I created) been so needed or appreciated due to what it offers the participant. I could not have dreamed this dream for myself…. it was born out of what people called on me to help them with…. because I believe that (if you’re listening) the universe will tell you exactly what you’re supposed to be doing with your life.

In fact…. this company is tired of lifting sub-par rockstars and actors to stratosphere heights when there are rockstars in our very own backyards.

I chose not to chase paper….. I chose to be true to my skills and talents…. knowing that they might not produce a single dollar. For whatever reason…. I continue to build this company…. because someone needs it.

So…. please don’t look at Pur | The Company as some sort of excuse for a woman to get dressed in bras and undies…. because you will have seriously underestimated what is going on over here…

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