We feel you ladies…..bombshell by bedtime

We know that after working all day….. tending to your kids…… (or fury children) …. making sure there is a plan for dinner, then actually executing that plan…. it’s impossible to think that by bedtime, you could actually feel sexier… am I right?

YOU CAN! ….. Here are five showgirl hacks to help you feel like a bombshell by bedtime….

1. Stimulate your ears…. Take 5 minutes on your favorite music apps and find some sexy french lounge or pop music. Take those tunes for a spin while you do post dinner dishes. I promise….. you’ll find yourself wiggling those hips….. reaching higher on those tip toes…. and even attempting a hair flip. Need a suggestions? I love the French Couture Series (there is over 8 albums I believe)

2. Swop out those sheets….. and add an extra layer. The weather is turning, which means we tend to want to wear our thickest, bulkiest, most non-flattering PJ’s. So, rather than layering up your clothes, considering layering up your bed. The weight on the extra blanket(s) will make you feel cozy…. and snug (with or without a partner) And, let’s face it…. clean sheets makes us feel like big girls. And… no you don’t have to go to bed naked…. but now you can wear less without feeling like a bear.

3. Who has time for a damn bath….. not you. A bath might be fine for that rare moment of having time for yourself, but let’s face it…. that isn’t typically the case. Showgirls like to think they have time for baths, but really…. very few of us do. So opt for a hot shower… and EXFOLIATE like a mad woman! Use your favorite suds and bath mitts… and if you don’t have any…. grab some sugar out of your pantry and have at it! If you feel silky, it changes your mind set….. those clean sheets now will feel amazing on your bare bum!

4. Slip into bed with your favorite mobile device and create a NEW board on Pinterest…. of all things you find SEXY! From lingerie to recipes you want to try out on your mate…. from yummy homemade beauty products to date night looks. This will do wonders for your imagination and your bombshell disposition (or lack there of.) Who knows, you could be helping your fellow woman out and give her ideas too!

5. Wear perfume to bed. I don’t mean some heavy scent that is gonna make you drunk with flowers, but something clean and maybe a little spicy…. I (ironically) love Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Body Mist….. a showgirl always has to appeal to her senses and our noses shouldn’t be neglected!

Find that inner showgirl….. and have a beautiful night bombshell!



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