You swore you’d come up with some amazing costume for Halloween this year….. and here we are, at the 11th hour…. and still no costume! Before you label yourself a #FAIL….. Pur has you girls covered. The best part, there are so many varieties of this costume, even if all your girlfriends tackle this one….. you’ll all look different! In fact….. if you have a group of girls who are game…. you could all do a different color version of this… and look like a travel troupe! <—- shoe-in costume contest winners!


What you’ll need:

A solid color bathing suit or a sports bra and boy-shorts

A feather boa (much cheaper at Halloween store than craft store)

A package of clear rhinestones and E-6000 glue (can be found at Walmart cheaper than craft store)

Craft Glitter – oil-based lotion

Fishnet tights (again at Halloween store)

Heels you can stand in for awhile

(extras if you have the budget)

More rhinestones


An additional boa (same color)


1. Rhinestone bra top or top of one piece bathing suit. Configure a simple gradient pattern… not something that requires a lot of thought process or planning.


2. Rhinestone your gloves (if you have them)


3. Bustle your boa for your booty…. you can do this easily by simply safety pinning and looping the boa on the back of your suit or boy-shorts. Add a a glittery band of your choice if you want something extra (found at craft stores or even Wally-world again)


4. Feather boa Head piece (optional) No one can really afford the large head-dresses that showgirls wear…. they are expensive! But here is a good way to add another layer of “showgirl” look without seeking out a hat designer…. simply bobby pin it into an updo. If you want more height…. I love this idea…. make a feather crown. Add a band of bling or rhinestones to this…. perfect!


5. Add Jewelry…. think big sparkly earings….. layer all your necklaces…. layer your sparkly bracklets over your gloves. etc.

6. Slather your skin with oil based lotion and dust yourself with the craft glitter. No need to spend mass money on the glitter sprays (which aren’t that sparkly honestly)

7. Wrap it up with makeup….. choose something not too too tricky… but g big. After all it’s Halloween  and you can get away with anything! Here are some ideas to get you started!

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN…. knock’em dead! 🙂



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