Have you noticed things have changed a little at Pur | The Company? Are you wondering why you haven’t seen us list any new “public” shows, especially in Indianapolis? Well…. you won’t.


We are always pushing for something more excellent at Pur…. we want your experience to be about you, our friends and fans…. so we are spending more time on helping your personal growth and less time on producing endless showcases. You will continue to see more learning opportunities… and online learning. You will see more creative photography experiences with the help of TJF Photography and various partners. You will also see us introduce new elements like personal coaching in wellness and personal growth as well as retreats like our upcoming NASHVILLE trip. We will be available for corporate or private event work as well…. as we have already had a big 2015 in this department already! In regards to our entertainment productions…. I suppose we have simply decided to turn the run of the mill cabaret experience in Indianapolis into something truly breathtaking something with more of an international flare.

We will debut this evolution on March 14th at “fétiche” in Indianapolis (our HQ city) on Mass Ave, downtown… within Shiraz​. We will also be taking this experience to our lovely home in Chicago on March 7th at the new Uptown Underground​. All of these experiences will be nothing short of unique…. and geared to those who are seeking adventure on terms of exclusivity.

In fact….. we don’t plan on giving you any more details, because THAT is precisely how these events will be conducted from here on out. You asked for “highly evolved” and “sophisticatedly hot” entertainment….. well, all I will say now is…. be careful what you wish for.

Miss Evie ~ Hôstesse

Miss Evie
Your Hôstesse


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