Three Reasons Why Experiences Always Win

6 Jul

The fact is…. “experiences” are on trend right now.  We see countless memes reminding us about how insignificant material items are… or we overhear people talking about how they are planning for some new adventure or how a new hobby is taking over their life. Some have taken this concept to extreme (like yours truly) getting rid of there possessions, simplifying their lives and even selling their homes. A shift is happening…. more and more people are looking for authentic experiences to take part in. That makes me wonder…. why? Are people coming to learn that their materials are not making them happy….. is it just “trendy” to seek these experiences out…. or is there some sort of mental levity associated with us letting go of what weighs us down? I think it’s a combination of things and here are three reasons why an experience always wins.

Material items require maintenance 2015-07-06 13.55.03

The fact is that no matter how big or small a purchase is…. material items flat out require maintenance. Whether that is buffing out a pair off shoes that just got warped in the rain… or prepping your home for sale. These tasks require time…. and time is your most valuable asset.  We can pay people or even technology to deal with some of these tasks, but when you calculate how much money it takes to do that, well, it’s a little disturbing. It comes down really to how valuable your time is verses how valuable the material item is to you.

Experiences take less time to manage. It’s true, they may take time to plan, but you’re certainly not looking at spending a lifetime at managing an experience. Hobbies might be the exception here, but, I don’t know about you…. I would much rather research how to make or create something rather than buffing out that pair of shoes.

Material Items cost you more than what you paid for them 20150706_140940

I am really over how my purchases are costing me money…. years later! Yes, I know… things like homes and cars are just going to require this… but this is why I am selling my home…. and why I will soon too simplify my vehicle situation. Big ticket items aside… I am tired of spending money on things like repairing clothes and small appliances (I opted for a hand cranked can opener for a reason) or paying someone to tend to a busted phone screen or cleaning a comforter because that damn thing won’t fit in my washer! (And no, I won’t buy a bigger washer and spend more money, thank you.)

Experiences aren’t going to keep costing you money after you’ve had it. That margarita you drank in Grand Turks isn’t going to come back and ask you to pay interest on your enjoyment of it. That sunset you saw on a quiet picnic with your lover isn’t going to charge you by the hour, nor will it cost you a cent years from now when you recall that amazing day. And Don’t give me the run around about how hobby experiences cost money either….. those experiences pay you back in enjoyment…. when was the last time you got enjoyment from the laundry mat?

Material items weigh heavy on our mental status  20150706_142247

We are hard working people. We work tirelessly to make the money required to tend to our material purchases. This is not only super stressful, but the amount of head space this takes up in your brain can be one heavy weight to drag around everyday. It’s not when something breaks that it weighs you down so much… it’s the promise that you know it will and don’t know when. I mean think about it…. You might really love tending to your yard… and mowing the lawn, but, in the back of your mind you wonder…  “This mower is going to fail me one day and there is one more Benjamin (or 2 or 3)  that I am going to have to pull out of my ass.” Experiences do just the opposite.

Experiences are what we recall and create to take us out of that daily torture. An experience isn’t going to require you to fork over more time and money… unless you choose it to. Sure… and extra week in French Polynesia is going to cost you…. but that is a choice. The mower…. well, that damn thing is just waiting for the PERFECT time to fail you so it can cost you not only time and money… but mental sanity!

These are just a few of the reasons why we at Pur | The Company  have decided to evolve into an experience based company. We find the investment we make in creating highly specialized experiences for people… both close to home or in far off lands… have changed the inner landscape of people. We believe there is a NEW human experience to design…. and we live for making  it happen for you!


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