I Got a Facelift!

2 Oct

Well…. a Jade Non-invasive facelift that is!

Ella Bardo is giving me the celebrity treatment and sharing some of her most desired services. I originally went to Ella to work on my Flux Red Body Sculpting… and I did get that second treatment done today! I will be doing a follow up on this in the day ahead. I’m overwhelmingly excited though to tell you about this little gem…

This treatment has so many benefits…. not just for the person who wants their skin to glow and be redefined… but for people who are dealing with issues that they believe only surgery, prescription topicals and high priced dermatologists can provide.

The treatment begins like a facial, hot towels and yummy smelling potions…. before moving onto the actual process. There are a few sets of tools used with this…. almost like smooth wands … that all do different things. These tools provide up to 48% increase in elastin (you know, the stuff that makes your skin bounce back) and even increases your college levels up to 22%. Does this affect wrinkles you ask? Absolutely!  The way this is different than say botox, is that this procedure actually retrains your muscles in your face. I know, sounds a bit off the grid thinking, but after this treatment…. I completely understand now. It’s almost like I don’t want to swish my face into the spots that I normally do… it’s like I’m more aware of my facial expressions.


EXPERIMENT: I want you to do this right now….. place your fingers on one side of your forehead and drag them across your forehead with a bit of pressure…. what do you feel?

Many of us feel a little bumpiness…. like maybe little bits of gravel. “What the hell is that?” you wonder…. well Ella tells me that its basically congestion in our facial muscles. Just like getting “knots” in our large muscles… we get these in our face too. Makes sense though right? Elle broke these up…. all over my face… around my eyes and nose… but really worked on my forehead since it’s a trouble spot for me.

You see…. I try to really avoid a lot of photoshopping in my images. I typically soften something or fix something that my wardrobe might be causing… but I know my angles and shoot to ensure I get the images I like. The one thing that always bothers me is my “11.” Ugh… the two lines in my brow area (seen below.) Now… I’m almost 40… and I’m fine with that, but the trouble is that people think I look angry because of these massively strong muscles… and, well, it bums me out. Since surgery is not an option for me (it ain’t that deep) and since I have tried Botox and fillers that never really worked, you can image how impressed I was to see these results (below.)sag

I don’t want to “erase” my wrinkles… I am proud to be able to say I’ve earned them. I don’t however want anyone to think I’m upset with them… or angry, because I’m a pretty happy son of a gun! 🙂

What is even more impressive is what this treatment can do for people who are dealing with far bigger problems than me. The Jade Non-Invasive facelift can: Reduce inflammation, diminishes scaring, diminishes age spots, help with lose or double chin issues, dark circles or bags under the eyes and even people with roseacea or acne.

My job requires me to use my face and body… so this treatment is ideal for people who are in the public eye!

Ella tells me too… that after a series of these facelifts (12) the results are permanent up to 24 months! You can image my astonishment to that… because not only does this cost nothing near to a surgical facelift, nor is it as painful as one…. this is far more inline with a natural healing and correcting that my body can thank me for.

It’s safe to say… I’m love with this procedure….. even just after one treatment! I’m grateful for Ella… she is a wealth of knowledge on how this can help a multitude of different people… especially those (like me) who believe there is nothing more really to do. Thank you Ella!

Ready to book? Click my image below and it will take you to Ella’s website




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