Sultry – A 30 Day Transformation

1 Feb


Sultry 2 cover

SULTRY – adjective sul·try \ˈsəl-trē\ – To be hot through passion

There is a whole lot of talk about how to be sexy these days… You can watch shows about it, read books about it or even try to to use entertainment to find it.

This 30 day transformative program is designed to help you start 2016 off in the most powerful way… fully connected with your female form, taking care of your female body and pursing it with a passionate approach… rather than a sexy apprach.

Sultry is a journey… sexy is a destination. (once you arrive, it’s hard to know what to do next) Am I right? 30 Days on this program… and you will walk into rooms differently…. Shoot, you’ll walk into to life differenlty!

Daily discussion on what it is to be a female in 2016. There will be pressing questions posted… provocative ideas presented awesome exchanges in a female only environment.. all going down in a private group page here on facebook.

Live (invite only) femme focused meditations M-F on Periscope (replay links will be available) These will be 15-20 minutes in the mornings at 7:30AMEST

Weekly Sultry Cardio Classes… designed to burn some serious calories with by Pur Method. We are taking our Quantum class (a serious calorie burner) and making it both sultry and low impact. You will learn amazing skills that will entirly change the way you walk and hold your posture. This class alone is life changing! These will be done via video links… and offered 3 times per week. (you will need wrist/palm weights)

VIP Sultry Coaching. Think about it… we hire fitness trainers and career coaches… to support these most important aspects of life… yet we don’t spend much time defining, elevating or firing up our feminine. You will have access to Jenee’ through the entire 30-days to talk about your personal situations and desires.
(confidentiality granted)

This is how we change the woman to woman world. We work together… realizing how similar we are… and tearing down the walls of competition among our gender.

$50 (less that $1.60/day)

I can’t wait to have you for this most transformative experience!


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