The fiancée season is brief… but here at Fiancée Life we feel we can make it last a lifetime. We don’t know about you… but we believe in magic over here and how it can take something lovely… and turn it into something unforgettable. It’s not about competing your way to the best party… gifts… or experiences. It’s about using unique creativity, an artful perspective and yes, magic to pull off something that will be a part of your legacy.

When you call in magic to lead the fiancée journey… you are calling in an experience that the bride and her inner circle may think you had access to their deepest desires and dreams for. We think it can be done… in fact we do it everyday.

Where is the magic in your Fiancée Life… what have you taken off the table for various reasons? What have you thought only lived on the silver screen? What have you submitted to not really wanting because it’s complicated? We dare you. We dare you to dream and little more when you work with us… because this show is only going to happen once, and we think it should be made of magic.



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