There is nothing more luxurious than lounging with your ladies and laughing the night away. Part of what makes a party like this successful is the location. Just like real estate… location is key. When we plan for a party like this we look for a few things… how accessible is it, (the more is not typically better) … How “capturable” is it… when you hire us we also take professional photographs to ensure no one forgets the event… and how special is it really? It’s one thing to book a beach side hotel suite… it’s whole other to rent a home that we can contract services within.

A Pur bride is leaving a legacy… so her bachelorette party has to leave a serious impression. It has to have artfully crafted details, it has to leave her guests breathless, it has to be sustainable and it has to offer everyone a peek into a world of fantasy that was previously not thought possible.

A table of flowers… the same ones that sat at the table for Romeo and Juliet. Hand-made crowns that are tailor made for each attendee according to their personality. Small plate settings with foods that evoke a balance between love and wild femininity. An an ice bucket of frozen flowers that infuse the champagne. A visually stunning backdrop… fit for a fashion photoshoot. A slew of fair-trade items hand picked to compliment the vibe and design of the event. A photoshoot that allows the fiancée and her fellow goddesses to feel their most powerful.

We could go on…. but the detail really is you. The fiancée who is ready to make her mark… take her last sand… and show the world who is about to embark on her next greatest adventure.


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