image1-8Sure… the obvious reason why being a fiancée matters is that you are, indeed, getting married. What might be less obvious is why this unique season is so special and why celebrating along the way is crucial. The time period between saying yes… to saying yes again… is typically marked by planning, stressing and paying attention to details you never dreamt about. Due to this, you end up missing moments along the way of the last year of your courtship, with the love of your life.

Here, at Pur | The Company, our mission is to make all the moments of your engagement rival any fairytale you’ve ever read. From the big moments like bridal showers and bachelorette parties… to the in-between moments of mother daughter dress fittings. It all matters. Because it only happens once. We simply believe in making every moment of your fiancée season last.

About a month ago, I (owner – Jeneé here) scouted posh spaces in Florida’s 30A stretch on the Emerald Coast. A luxury market, quieter than some of Florida’s other destinations, to throw an epic luxury bachelorette party. This means that I will also seek the best culinary experts, the best luxury florist, local designers and artists and even the best hidden beach spaces to hold a sunset champagne celebration. Why go to all the trouble of traveling here when I could jump on Google? Namely, because your fiancée season matters. It matters that it is magical and is a part of the legacy of your love story.

Here are some beautiful shots of the area… and please let us know if we can help you plan something special at this amazing destination, or the destination of your dreams.



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