Bachelorette Quebec!

If you haven’t guessed yet…. we love our brides. I fact, as the founder of Pur | The Company, I come by all of this honestly. I too am a fiancée and have ben for over five years now. What? I know… I love the fiancée season so much… I have decided not to come out of it! Will my costar and I get married one day…. maybe. But for now, I’m enjoying this forever fiancée life to it’s fullest potential.

So… what is it like to plan a destination luxury bachelorette party? I thought I’d take you on the journey of what that looks like and perhaps give you some ideas of what yours could look like. Ready?

 1. Choose your destination. Seems obvious enough but let me show you where I am choosing and why. I have a Winter bride… so we are planning a Winter bachelorette party. I didn’t want traditional destinations for this like Aspen… so, we are going a wee international (bride is US citizen) and going to Canada. We are charging toward Quebec… a beautiful city full of European charm and small town aesthetics. If you’d like to see us in Quebec… you can read more from my costar and I here. If you’d like the video version… you may watch here.  We are handling all of the travel details for the bride and her ladygang… and they will fly in business class and be transported via private driver to their luxury mountain escape.

2. I spent the better part of two days finding the right place for this epic bash. After consulting with the bride and her “vibe” I knew exactly what I was looking for. We need plenty of room for the guests… we needed a luxury space that wasn’t “stuffy” feeling… modern, beautiful finishes… and plenty of “eco” luxury built in. This place ticked all the right boxes. It’s close enough to the city too to enjoy what Quebec has to offer. What I also loved abut this space is it’s “playful” nature… with “private luxury bunks” … the space really does lend itself to a slumber party… with style of course. After we place a few of our own marks and make it bachelorette party gorgeous… it is going to be so special. This part of our service… we show up to ensure that every part of your bash/event is precisely how it’s planned. Anywhere in the world.

3. Speaking of setting the scene… I spend plenty of time understanding what is going to light my brides up. In this case… it will be customized comfort and lounge-like luxury. These ladies want to cherish each other… sip spiked cocoa… and be treated like royalty for the entire weekend. We have arranged for a private chef to make them dinner each night… a delivery of fresh baked french pastries each morning and plenty of wellness organic snacks and small plates along the way. Champagne will be stocked in the foyer bathtub (the ski mud room) like something right out of the film Gatsby. I have actually hired someone locally to attend to this party… so we ensure every detail is matched to my plan.

Luxury treatment will occur all weekend… from in house massage and facials… to individual cold weather boudoir photoshoots. We’ve also scoped out the immediate area for local only must see things. Each party guest will receive a personalized eco flannel and cold weather tote bag filled with eco safe products from places like Lush.

I look forward in sharing more Pur | The Company events with you soon… and if you think you would like us to plan yours… please feel free reach out to use so we can create your personalized luxury experience. What is important to you.. is important to us.


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