We are suckers for gorgeous gowns… despite that our company never makes it to the alter (I mean we are all about the Fiancée here) we cannot help but peek at the collections each time they debut on the runways and make a few picks. For all of our Spring/Summer brides… here is what we call making a statement as a 2018 bride.


We are going to start with an obvious call… Vera Wang. Her Spring 2018 collection is what you might expect in some ways… avant structure… interesting contemporary design… but very few “frills” this go around. We love this for the truly artful bride… who has now plans looking like any one else in her tribe come 2018.




 Our next spot goes to Alexandra Grecco. There is a little bit of everything in her 2018 collection… but I’m particularly taken by the simplicity and structure of a number of her designs. They have a modern woman in mind… that subtly screams… sophisticated and beyond. The fabrics appear to drape divinely… and look pretty comfortable to wear all day and night.




 Coming in spot number three… is something truly unique. Atelier Pronovias. This collection of gowns offers some of the most interesting embellishments I’ve ever seen on a dress… without it taking over the bride. It’s the details that strike me in the collection… a must see.





 Can we just talk about Berta. I have been in love with this brand for a good while now… and chances are if I ever get married (I’ve been engaged for 6 years now) I will wear one of these dresses. It is hard to not love the sex appeal and yet etherial design of Berta gowns… and the the 208 collection is no exception. Frills… but sexy frills. Lace… but sexy lace. Silhouettes… but sexy silhouettes.




 Finally… for all of my boho brides I give you Island Tribe Bridal. If you are destination bound… or a bohemian vibed lasse…. then you’ll want to check out these gowns made specifically for you. They blend beautiful lines… with etherial fabrics…. and plenty of sex appeal for those looking for a second skin kind of dress. They will be in my top three choices if I choose to walk the isle.


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