Don’t fall for the pinterest trap.aca9a3f374aa8709bcf8b641cb6ff45e--logo-pinterest-follow-me

I know, it’s the most tempting shiny object on the internet… but doing so will result in a fall down the digital rabbit hole. I’m going to suggest, before you take that fall (which is even funnier if you got here via Pinterest) that you close that tab right now and start getting personal.

18222562_1283343491721119_4088542621598320247_nYou have chosen your bridesmaids for a reason… a special reason right? Sure, maybe you have one or to that are “obligatory” picks… but overall… these are your girls. The ones you’ve counted on, well sometimes… since preschool. I know you need not one more thing to make “personal” in the gift-giving space here… a wedding alone can break the creative bank, but I’m going to suggest that you can give exceptionally unique gifts … and not loose your mind in the process.

I’m a sucker for a small bag of multiple items… here is how it can be done without feeling like you’re making up a treat bag for an 8 year old princess party.

Step one…

Bank On Your Theme. Take a queue from your already constructed wedding theme and pull an idea from it. Meaning… you can use the color, the fabric, the centerpieces, the food, the cake or even invitations as a source of inspiration. Whether you end up with a bed-blindfold in your wedding colors… or a body splash laced with lavender that can also be found on your cake, grab one for each bridesmaid.

Step Two…

Go Playful. You all have obviously done some fun things together. It’s time to gift them another one of those experiences. Pop over to a Groupon (or the like) and find something that you all can do together in the month or two after your wedding. You might have to get creative for your long-distance gals… but you can likely find something similar for “her” in her hometown, even if she has to take her local friends. You might end up on a wine tour or tasting… a local games/bowling spot… a comedy show… or… a scavenger hunt. Let your special ladies know that just because you’re hitched doesn’t mean you’re also going to bail.

Step Three…

It’s Time To Get Personal. This is the gift that you customize for each bridesmaid. The possibilities are really endless here but I suggest calling on the special moments, the memories, the stories and the experiences to figure this one out. Maybe you went to Mexico together in college… so you find a silver Mexican flag pendant and gift her  necklace with a note. Maybe you and your maid of honor met on the playground when you were in elementary school. Find a local jump-place or rock-climbing package and ask her to meet you again on the playground. Maybe another of your bridesmaids introduced you to your soon to be husband… a customized bracelet with the words “in love I trust”… you have made for her (go to etsy for this) with a note of thanks.

The inspiration to be the best bride to your ever-loving girls is one of the best feelings in friendship. Your ability to do something special for each of them is a reminder at how much you appreciate their friendship and how important it is to you going forward. You don’t have to kill yourself to make this point… but showing just a token of your personal appreciation… is going to make you feel wonderful about them opening their little gifts on your big day.

Arna Bee




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