Whether you’re just living the day to day… or planning one of the most significant days of your life, understanding what kind of woman you really are and who you are becoming are incredibly valuable to you and your future.


Here at Pur | The Company… we are an incredibly playful company that celebrates women, but also empowers them authentically. What does that mean? Well, it would be really easy for us to throw a bachelorette party… or do a boudoir photoshoot session with you… and not invest a whole lot in you or your experience with us, beyond what you paid for. For us… the exchange is a matter of insight, pulling out your confidence wherever it might have been hiding and leaving, you feeling like you can take on the world as the powerful creature you are.

We take a different approach to our clients, by engaging with them and making their experiences with us not just memorable… but impactful. We want to leave you in a mindset that reveals to you, that you are no delicate flower, but a powerful woman with plenty of wild running through her veins.

14372126_1065368960185241_3259772888955417359_oIt about being able to speak the things that you can’t speak while you’re out in day to day life…. it’s about moving in ways where you won’t be judged or picked a part… it about loving every part of your body, regardless of how the world has tried to convince you otherwise.

In every party we have ever thrown… and every boudoir photoshoot we have ever

cassie 4

hosted… we reveal a piece of you that you maybe didn’t even know was locked within you. The woman you toy with when you strut down the hallway of your house when no one is home…. the woman you pucker for in the mirror when no one is looking… the woman you catch in a reflection that feels alive and smokin’ hot some days…

We could keep this basic… and throw a party… or snap a few shots while you sit on some chair trying to feel sexy…. or we could understand what makes you tick, uncover your best angles, reveal what you really want to feel and who we both know… you really are.

If you want to reconnect with THAT woman… give us a call, because we want to meet her as well.




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