Let’s just be honest for a moment shall we? The next most important thing after you learn about where the bachelorette party is happening and when… is…

What are we all going to wear?!?

Bachelorette parties have become one of the ideal ways to show off your girl gang… and for good reason. This is were everyone gets to wear something they adore, the celebration emphasis “smokin hot”… and you’re together for something totally magical! It’s a damn recipe for badass brides and their beautiful bitches.

We thought we would offer some 411 support to help inspire your bachelorette party wardrobe… and we have something to suit all tribe vibes!

First up… on a popular note, we suggest getting whimsy! Women can’t get enough of the bohemian aesthetics and the romance this theme offers. If your ladies can bring their looks, you can all make the flower crowns together and hire a photographer to shoot the process and final looks.



Next…. Gets Gatsby with it. We know the Gatsby theme is totally played out, but if you think of it more as a fashion photoshoot, you’ll avoid the cheap knockoff looks that most party stores try to suck you into. Look for authentic photos to inspire you and find an environment to have the party that will support that look.



Cover your bases…. we LOVE the idea of finding a fashion magazine cover to inspire your bachelorette party. The people who create these get paid bomb-ass dollars to create these gems, and we get to adopt them for free! Poke around the internet a scope out cover shoots from the best high fashion mags and let that float around your group to get them pumped. We suggest Vogue (duh) first and Vanity Fair covers to get your started.



Make it a production… This is one of the few times that you all can get away with theatrics and not get booted out of places for it! So call in your creativity and use theatrics to guide your looks. We suggest using Broadway or Vegas to help you with this. We decided to go with a glammed up Hamilton to inspire you but we are sure you can do even better!



Snug  as a bug… We know some of your bride tribes aren’t interested in hitting the bars and would rather booze it up in bed! We feel you. There is nothing like wearing the best PJ’s whilst reconnecting with champagne in hand. Head to Amazon to track down some adorable matching PJ’s and make sure you take a lot of photos!



Black tie… Talk about great photos? We love what this group did on their trip to Paris… because each suit look is customized to each girl, but follows the same idea with a pop of red for the bride. What a great way to see Paris… and feel confident walking around one of the most fashionable cities on the planet!



A glammed frontier… We can’t help but look at tis photo and feel like it captures a glammed up version of Americana. Camping beach style on their way to new frontiers. Aside from this making for an amazing photoshoot… we adore that your ladies can capture their own style here…. we just suggest giving them some color parameters to stay within to keep some cohesion.



Prints Galore… If you are doing a warm climate destination bachelorette party, tis is a great option. Your ladies can find something they adore on their bodies… as long as they focus on bold prints! Give them some guidelines to follow… and let them find their looks!



The Classic… This might be the most played out look for bachelorette parties, we admit, but here is how you make it rock. The trick is…. You go pro. Yes, everyone can find their best little black dress, but tell them to also wear black tights and shoes with their dress. Suggest they find bold clear rhinestone jewelry to accompany those looks. Finally, HIRE HAIR & MAKEUP. This is this the key to pulling off this classic (somewhat tired) look off… hiring professionals to take each woman to the next level will not only make them all feel beautiful, it will make heads turn all night!



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