Since it’s February… and we all know what that means, we thought we would celebrate love. But in attempt to not be cliche’, offering you all kinds of cheap ways to light the fires, we thought we would pass along something different.

We do a lot of dancing in our company…. not just because it’s on trend… but because it’s really at the “heART” of what we do here. We have seen the impact body movement has had on the hundreds of women that have come through our classes and performances and so we would like to offer you a free class/a full routine that you can learn on your own.

Sure, gifting your significant other a new tie and his favorite cologne is okay…. but we also know it’s predictable. Our hope… is that you spend a little time this coming weekend learning this “smokin” routine to offer Valentines day and “plot twist.”

All we ask is that you do this FOR YOU… as much as you might being it for “them.” Why? We believe that confidence is born from within… not by outer expectations from others. You are enough…. and you have always been enough.

Enjoy the class… ad-lib as needed…. add his button down shirt the take off in the routine (you’ll see where that happens in the chreography) and choose something underneath that YOU feel great in. If that means glittery sweats…. have at it!

Have fun…. we can’t wait to hear how it goes!


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