A Little Atmosphere

Bachelorette parties are more than just a banner on the wall and some phallic straws to sip your cocktail with (no innuendo intended.) They are a chance to dress up your Bach HQ with something beautiful and memorable.

We thought it would be fun to see what is on trend via Pinterest today and show you what is just fabulous and even a few things our clients ask us to be inspired by! We add all kinds of things to our pinterest board for you to get started with! We know it would be easy to blow a tight budget here… but we also know that asking the bachelorette party attendees to make some contributions, or even the groomsmen for tat matter… might be worth the effort! After all, you only get married once!

back look 1Our first suggestion is to seek out glamorous invites… because they can be your inspiration as to what kind of theme and style of the party can be. We found tons of inspiration on pinterest… but you can also find some amazing options by looking at etsy! Follow the photo link to get your search started!


Luckily, planning this kind of party is a hell of a lot easier than wedding planning. Sticking to a theme will make it easier… and forgoing a trip to Party City (sorry) will make for one that doesn’t either scream cliche’ or total snooze!

bach look 4

We have placed tons of inspiring decorations, the kind you don’t have to compromise your woman-hood for… and the kind you could even turn a little more sassy with. We love to show you the ways you can combine this right of passage as the sexy woman you are and still feel classy in the process.

We like to think… make it classy first and then add the sass. Feel fee to pop over and enjoy all fo the pins to get you ready for the best bachelorette season yet!

Cheers Bitches!

back look 7


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