In the Words of Founder, Jenee’ Michelle

“We have come a long way…. I never imagined I would build a company like this. Not only have we completely transformed over the past five years, but we have grown exponentially in the past year. We have gone from small stage performance company… to large scale lifestyle company serving more people and always evolving.”

What is Pur? (Pure) This has been an ongoing question for the past few years…. since we have so many services, we have been challenged to “define” ourself in many ways. We can finally declare, we are simply a lifestyle company. We are the company you turn to when you want to have an experience. You can see a professional show…. learn something new…. grow yourself or your business into new directions, be mindful of your wellness and health or be whisked away for one of a kind bespoke travel escapees.

We give you experiences. Plain and simple. We do this in the most personal of ways…. from workshops and classes…. to performances and retreats and even online training and events so you can always have us at your side. We most love when people come to us with their ideas…. and we make them happen.

We are thrilled you have found us… and we can’t wait to work with you to create new life experiences… and redefine what making memories really looks like!



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