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Pur | The Company is now looking for Pur Ambassadors who want to host our swanky little parties in their own cities! I know… we are pretty excited about it too! We love our lifestyle… It’s one part glitter… and two parts empowerment baked into one badass offer that women have been devouring for over seven years in the Midwest. Now, you can offer it in your city!

The catch… to keep our brand aligned with our mission (authentic love of women as their own boss-babes) and to help each woman succeed…. we are only allowing for ONE Ambassador per city. Yes, that means if this company speaks to you… don’t wait! Opportunity is limited.

We offer an amazing startup package along with tons of personal help! We give you everything you need to start your business… lots of marketing support an AMAZING commission plan and we even handle all the transactions so you’re not having to “ask for money.”  We pay you as an independent contractor after each party. Easy Peasy!


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Our current team is awesome… and we really take pride in who we bring into this business. Environment is EVERYTHING. We are women who adore one another… we do not compete… we create. Period. We all understand that this is how we reach success.

If this sounds like a tribe you need to vibe with… read on….

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And as we go…. there will be so many other extras. As the owner of Pur | The Company… I take massive pride in creating beautiful experiences for others, I always have. It’s been at the heart of every party, show and gig I’ve ever put together or created. My goal, is to share that love with others… who need a little more glitter in their life… within a girl mafia of sorts that loves to make that look good! There is a reason they call us the glitter mafia!

If you are interested in joining us… please send us an email and let’s talk about your city!

With love,