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Pur | The Company is infamous for their bachelorette parties in Indianapolis and we aren’t afraid to brag about them! We just adore our brides… and we love nothing more than to add one more layer of love to the wedding festivities!

Our parties go far beyond the bar scene… from onsite makeup artists… to wardrobe trunks filled with frills… from pastie making naughtiness (think tassels) to smokin’ hot moves that you’ll be eager to show off on the dance floor. All you have to do is show up! We tailor your party to your tribe. You can chose from our signature burlesque events which everyone raves about or; tell us more about the guest of honor and let us create something totally custom. We can teach your group a signature Pur | The Company routine or, we will choreograph something just for your group!

We are a mobile business…. so let us help you secure a dance studio, propose an awesome hotel suite… give you the 411 on a great airbnb rental… introduce you to our nightclub partners… or shoot, we can just show up to your home for a more private experience.

Our signature parties are below…. but… be sure to check out our RIOTS just below those. We can turn any of our RIOTS into a bachelorette blitz… just say the word!

We seriously can’t wait to give you something to brag about!


Here Kitty Kitty!

Package includes | Two (2) hour party | Burlesque Dance | Social time | Pastie Making | Burlesque Swag bag for the guest of honor or host.

Details: Minimum of five (5) people | 5-10 guests $300 | 11+ guests $375


Package includes | two (2) hour party | Burlesque Dance | Social time | Eye and Lip Makeover | Pastie Making | Swag  Bag for guest of honor or host | one (1) group photo.

Details: Minimum of five (5) guests | 5-8 guests $425 | 9-12 guests $475 (3 hours needed) | 13+ call for quote

The Lioness

Package includes | three (3) hour party | Burlesque dance | Social time| Eye and Lip makeover | Pin Up hair styling | Swag bag for the guest of honor or host | six (6) group photos

Details: Minimum five (5) guests | 5-8 guests $500 | 9-12 guests $550 | 13+ call for quote

Fearless Feline!

Package Includes | four (4) hour party | Eyes and lips makeover | Hair styling | Swag bag for the guest of honor or host | Social time | Photo package – includes five (5) fully retouched and edited photos per guest in one boudoir or favorite outfit | two (2) group photos.

Details: Minimum of three (3) guests | Maximum of eight (8) guests | call for pricing details

* a 50% non-refundable deposit for parties is required at booking to secure your date and VIP reservation @ your party venue


We, at Pur | The Company, have a great reputation for giving AMAZING bachelorette parties. This got us thinking…. we really should offer these kinds of services to all of our clients!

Introducing PUR RIOTS… The private and personalized side of our parties and events.

Now, you don’t have to be a bachelorette to partake in our sassy and classy gatherings… you just need a tribe, a squad or an awesome troupe to snap up one of theses amazing options.

Pur staffers and instructors are FILLED with amazing skills and talents. So we have wrangled them in to create some memory-making gatherings for you and your favorite fearless females! Whether you want to try and new kind of workout, test your artistic muscle, dip your spoon in the pot, get inspired or be captured…. we have countless options.

RIOTS are brought to you! So if that is at a private home, a nightclub, a conference space or a hotel room… you just tell us and we will be there. If you need help in locating any of those options, we know some people, let us know and we can help you book! We will travel up to 25 miles from the instructor’s location. Additional miles will be calculated on a client by client basis.





GO-GOO DANCER – Midnight Answer

Experienced and currently working go go dancers take you through the ropes of how to move, react, improv and entertain like a pro go-goo. This is a great riot for women who want to learn some new dance floor skills and cause a scene on the dance floor. (not that kind of scene) Bring your wild makeup and and lashes too… you’ll get a LIVE tutorial on how to create an awesome go go make up look at this event. (1.5hours) COST: $15/pp (min.6 ppl)


FIT TO BE TIED – Pick your Poison

PUR METHOD trainers have fitness specialities that you likely haven’t ever attempted. Want to smash ballet and boxing together? How about a walk with our signature Quantum or Sultry workouts? We have a chair fit class that will have you feeling more like a hot topic than a hot mess. We encourage you to bring your nutrition questions, and wear your favorite gear. (1.5hours) Chose from: FightClub, Balloxing, Sattvic, Quantum, Sultry, and Chair Fit. Cost: $15/pp (min. 6ppl)


PRIVATE DANCER – Want to get on my level, climb


Maybe it’s because you’re too nervous to walk into a pole studio… or maybe you’re not wanting to take a full class series…. no matter what the reason, we have you covered. Our resident pole artist will take you through some of her signature tricks and dance moves so you can give the pole a shot. Don’t worry, you wont be hanging up-side-down, yet. We travel with our own pole system. (1.5 hours) Cost: $20/pp (min. 5)


HEART – Attack

So you’ve done the mountain/bridge/beach/bouquet scene at your local wine and paint shop… and you’re looking for a new twist on creativity. Look no further. Our professionally trained and educated artists are going to bring out a whole new side of you! What kind of material do you want to work with… clay, paint, sculpture, fabric, jewelry, glass, rock… we could go on and on. If you have no idea, no fear… our artists will come up with something amazing for you depending on the personality of your tribe. (1.5 hours) Cost: start at $20 and go up (min. 5 ppl)


PULL FOCUS – A Photography Experience

We are over the moon to be able to offer this riot to our clients. This event includes a photographer, who travels to you… with all the gear needed, along with wardrobe trunks and even a mini makeup session. Each participant will get a mini shoot, use of wardrobe (optional) and eyes makeup. We can do various photo styles… including boudoir, social snapshots, business professional, themed inspirations. We can shoot inside or outside, you just let us know your preference. (2 hours) Cost: $50 (minimum 6 ppl)


MOUNT UP – An Acro Teaser

You’ve have no doubt seen these images on your social feeds… We know you’re curious but have no idea where to begin, right? Pur Method creators are going to bring you an introduction to Pur Equilibrium… an acro teaser designed to build trust and even shock yourself a little. This is great for a group of women or, a group of couples! We will take you step by step and show you how to execute some amazing skills and even capture the proof via photography. (2 hours) Cost: $50/pair (min. 4 pairs)


THE DOLLHOUSE – Hair, Makeup, Style

It’s time. Time to update your look and learn some new tricks. Gather your fellow goddesses and grab every brush, compact and lipstick you own and we will teach you new makeup and hair trends along with tips and tricks in creating new looks from the wardrobe you already have. Have a trend inspiration already? Awesome, send us the image and we will make sure we are ready to teach it when we arrive. (1.5 hours) Cost: $15/pp (min 6 ppl)


BITE ME – Eat me Drink me

Foodies unite… we know how much you love to taste test and explore new flavors. We bring you HauteLife chef, Megan to your riot to give you a cooking demo and taste-test of something new to try in the kitchen. She can also do larger scale options (priced separately) if you and your party want additional dishes presented. (1.5 hours) basic demo. Cost: $25/pp (min. 6 ppl)


GAME CHANGER – I need to get it together

Life is hard. With all this adulting and stuff they call responsibilities… it’s a wonder we get anything accomplished these days. Sometimes, we need a nudge. Some call it lighting a fire under ones arse… others call divine intervention. We call it… Game Changer. That is what we all are… but we just lose our way from time time. Hire our coach to get you back in the game. No more of this short game bullshit. We are playing the long game and our coach can help you win. This is like having your own personal TedTalk in your living room. We bring the inspiration you get inspired… (1.5 hours) Cost: $20/pp (min. 6 ppl)


BOSSBABE – My Favorite Position is CE-OH

You have had it with your job. You have planned your exit strategy. Now, you just need to get into business for yourself. We know the feeling and we can help. Let us help you with a business strategy riot, for people who have no time to fool around. We can help you plot out logistics, get you rolling on a action list, ask you all the right questions so you can get to work. We love business owners…. and we believe in you. (1.5 hours) Cost: $50/pp (min. 1 person)




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4 Responses to “PARTIES & RIOTS”

  1. Carmen March 27, 2016 at 9:34 pm #

    Hey I am very interested in this idea for a bachlorette party I am throwing this summer! I just had a few questions!
    1. Would this event be at a studio we come to?
    2. What would we need to bring?
    3. The time frames are 2-3hrs, can we make it at a certain time of day?

    • purthecompany March 28, 2016 at 2:09 pm #

      Hi Carmen…

      1. We can host your party at a number of venues. Studios, Night hot spots, Hotel Suites a private home, a rented house… etc.
      2. We bring everything you could want for our parties, but we suggest bringing a pair of heels for the fun of it!
      3. Yes… we can typically accommodate most any time frame… you just let us know what you’re thinking.

      Please feel free to email us when you get an idea of a date… we are booking a lot of parties right now and getting your date set will be important. 🙂

      Hope to work with you!

  2. Mandy Jones April 8, 2016 at 2:43 pm #

    Do you have any specific places for the parties that you recommend? I’m not really sure where to start looking for places to host the party. Also, would you happen to have any availability on the afternoon/evening on May 21?

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