Jenee’ started classical ballet training in 3rd grade in her small home town of Lake Tahoe, CA. That quickly translated to traveling to seek higher level training in larger metro areas of Reno, NV and Sacramento, CA. As a teenager, Jenee’ found herself at a Vegas-style show, audition, and landed a part in the Beatles Tribute show, “Twist and Shout” in Lake Tahoe, NV. When that show closed, ten days later she opened Sugar Babies with Rip Taylor and Juliet Prowse. After working at various showrooms and events all over Las Vegas, Jenee’ found herself on a 14-hour flight to Japan where she sang, danced and imitated Marylin Monroe for a 6 month contract. She then returned to Japan to produce a show for the same venue for an additional 6 months. She has been a sough after choreographer in both Nevada and California working on various commercial, movie and stage productions… working along side some of Hollywoods a-list. Skip to present day…. Jenee’ is the fonder of Pur | The Company… a performance based company in Indianapolis that travels regionally for self produced, guest spots and corporate events. She is still teaching workshop based learning throughout the region. The Company is currently restructuring as the they will be now taking their shows to Chicago once a month at Uptown Underground… and new cabaret venue in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood. Jenee’ has over 16 years of combined training in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Pionte. She recently has developed a dance fitness program called Pur | Method and is currently training in Silks, Acro Style Dance, Yoga, Personal Fitness Training and Holistic and life coaching.




Ever since she was a little girl, Courtney has been dancing. Her parents enrolled her in dance when she was just four years old, and she has not been able to sit still since! She studied tap, jazz, ballet, and hip hop. Courtney enjoys challenging herself with new types of strength exercises and fitness. She believes that working out should be fun! Her most recent passion is burlesque with Pur | The Company. She loves the newfound confidence that it has given her. Courtney also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology and previously worked at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. One of the most important things to her is helping others to better themselves through their health and fitness.


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